Riverwalk Session {San Antonio, TX Children's Photographer}

Can we just talk about how cool The Pearl is for a minute?  With the River running right through this amazing family friendly area with local restaurants, coffee shops, stores and bars....it's like my favorite place to go.  In fact if I could move in down there, we totally would.  If you're reading this and are local, hopefully you've been down there to enjoy the Farmers Market, a macaron and my fave, a Starter Kit ;)   And that splash pad?!  Heck yeah! 

I especially love when I get to hang out with spunky little 8 year old clients who have a carefree zest for life.  Isadora Duncan said, "You were once wild.  Don't let them tame you."  Here here Isadora.  Children's lifestyle sessions is where my heart lies.  As a Mom myself I think it is so important to capture the authenticity of our children at the age that they are.  This sweet girls Mom will be able to look back at these photos and remember her as she was at 8 years old. 

Abby Kennan specializes in lifestyle children's photography in San Antonio, TX.